The Paragon® Hospital Information System (HIS)

"When we looked at Paragon
we saw that it was kind of perfect —
what we would call a sweet spot
from a technology lifecycle
management perspective."

Brian Doerr
SVP, Information Technology
Community Hospital Corporation

"We have found Paragon to be well-designed
for a hospital like ours with a mission
like ours. We would highly recommend
Paragon to our peers."

Jon Applebaum
Twin County Regional Healthcare
Galax, Va.

"There are relatively few players out there
that have the level of sophistication that
Paragon offers at the price point that
a community hospital can afford."

Joe Freudenberger
OakBend Medical Center
Richmond, Texas

The Paragon Hospital Information System — Reducing system complexity and lowering total cost of ownership

Paragon is a fully integrated hospital information system featuring clinical and financial applications designed for today's healthcare environment with the adaptability to accommodate the challenges of the future. Paragon from McKesson is the proven, smart choice for hospitals and health systems of any size. A successful track record of enabling organizations to provide better patient care while staying current with the complex and changing regulatory environment means Paragon is ready to be your new HIS, too.

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